While there are many more ways to engage site visitors, these tips provide a foundation for developing a content strategy that can help you keep them coming back again and again.

You’re probably already sending email newsletters to your customers and prospects, so why not use their attention for something useful?


As the need to create quality content is critical for your online marketing efforts, we have provided 100 ideas you can use to engage your online visitors:

1- Tell stories

2- Share stories of consumers or people from real life

3- Post a motivational story

4- Share what have you achieved in your business

5- Share a fellow competitor’s story

6- If you could question post

7- Post a video story or a video clip that shares a sequence of different clips

8- A bad story / Discuss a failure

9- Ask questions

10- This or that. 

11- Take a poll

12- Live video

13- Invite someone on your live video and talk about something

14- Do you remember?

15- Fill in the blank template

16- Talk about mistakes. (the mistakes in your personal life, career growth, business growth, friends)

17- Go behind the scenes

18- Share a quote

19- A quote about failures

20- Host a AMA (ask me anything)

21- Ask for recommendations (books, tv series, restaurants, online portals etc)

22- Host a sale

23- Do a giveaway

24- Share a blog post

24- Share the first post you wrote

25- Outfit of the day

26- Share an infographic

27- Share a quiz image

28- Share a crossword image

29- Post a riddle

30- Post a testimonial from a client

31- A day in the life

32- Share a gift for your audience

33- Leave your favourite podcast list

34- Tip of the day

35- Leave a productivity tip

36- Drop your favorite emoji / Ask your followers about most used emojis

37- Encouragement

38- Breaking news / Latest update

39- Share any third party news/updates

40- Reshare an old post

41- Post a case study

42- Post a tuesday tip

43- Drop motivational monday quote

44- Post wednesday wisdom

45- Talk about weekends

46- Post a seasonal content

47- Drop your favourite holiday destination

48- Mention an expert 

49- Share a 1 minute video

50- Post a youtube video link

51- Share your morning routine

52- Post your workspace picture

53- Share a health tip

54- Talk about ONE failure

55- Share your BIGGEST regret

56- Talk about someone who inspire you

57- What is your goals strategy?

58- Share a self care tip

59- Promote your product

60- Share ONE unique feature about your product

61- Share your freebie

62- Leave an irresistible statistics

63- Share a favorite story

64- Share a tweet you like

65- Post a pin you like

66- Share some design tips

67- How do you treat your followers/customers? Like how are they special?

68- Give a limited time discount

69- Post a checklist/printable

70- Leave a time management tip

71- One piece of advice for new entrepreneurs

72- Give a shoutout

73- Promote other social media platforms

74- Share your contact info

75- Answer a question

76- Share a survey

77- Post a funny quote

78- Post a fun fact about yourself

79- Ask any funny thing

80- Post a charity cause 

81- Promote an event

82- Do a comparison post

83- Share a 5 minute hack!

84- How have you evolved as a person? How has your business evolved?

85- ONE social media tip

86- Share stats and figures

87- BE A curator. Follow other influencers/bloggers/businesses and share their best content

88- Introduce yourself again

89- Get a feedback on something 

90- ONE quick tip

91- Save the date. Post events and content related to specific dates. National holiday. Festival.

92- A screenshot of your sales/best comments

93- Create a challenge in your niche

94- Celebrate 1000 followers and post a thankyou note

95- Shout Out to your top 5 fans

96- Post an animated GIF

97- Do a boomerang and post it

98- Share a HOW TO video

99- What are you doing right now? Share it!

100- Link your guest posts

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