The opportunity to study data analysis and work as a data scientist has never been better. The job outlook is bright, and there are several chances across different industries. The nature of the work frequently permits remote employment, adaptable working hours, and even self-employment.

If you are very analytical, possess good mathematical skills, and are curious and inquisitive, a career as a data analyst will suit you.

Data Analysis

Industries such as banking, consulting, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, government, and education, have a high demand for data analysis experts.

For data analysts, it’s imperative to have excellent communication, detail-oriented thinking, and organizational abilities. They must not only comprehend the facts but also be able to provide insight and analysis in a clear visual, written, and spoken manner.

Data science is one of the top 20 fastest-growing professions according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which expects it to increase by 31% in the following decade.

Additionally, data science offers skills and employment prospects outside of the tech and digital industries. 

You can work as a data scientist in a variety of fields, including business intelligence, data assurance, data quality, finance, higher education, marketing, and sales.

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