Quality control in project management is the process of monitoring, measuring and improving the quality of information related to a project. 

It includes inspecting and analyzing documents and reports that contain information about the project’s progress and performance.

Quality control in project management is a process of identifying defects, errors and problems early to get them fixed faster and thus avoid their recurrence. 

Quality control checks are carried out during the project to ensure that it is being executed as planned and according to the quality standards. It makes sure that there isn’t any discrepancy between the objectives set for each stage of a project and what is supposed to be done at that specific point.

It is one of the most important processes in project management, which creates an environment for an effective execution of the project. The quality of a product or service is not reflected by how it looks but how well it meets customer requirements.

Quality control is an essential part of project management that ensures the quality of the final product. This can be accomplished through a combination of procedures and tools and will include activities like inspection, testing, reviewing results and design verification tests.

Quality control ensures that the project is implemented according to the approved plan and scope.

This includes checking over project documents, testing and inspecting products, procedures, or policies as well as reviewing quality issues or problems that arise during the course of a project.

This enables a project team to monitor the quality and quantity if specific objectives are achieved in the project.

A successful QA process ensures that the product is fit for purpose, meets customer requirements, and complies with all applicable legal regulations.

It is the continuous improvement of a process or product that leads to better quality.

It is a discipline and an activity management process which involves the systematization of all activities in achieving quality and conformance to quality plans.

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